Vehicle Licensing Services

Cash & More offers a wide range of automobile registration services to drivers in the state of Arizona. Our staff is here to help with your vehicle licensing service needs in a swift and efficient manner. We provide numerous title, registration and insurance services so that you can have a safe and stress-free driving experience in Arizona.

Title Transfers

According to Arizona state law, drivers have 15 days to apply for a title after a vehicle is purchased. Law also requires that the seller’s signature is present and notarized on the title. Out-of-state drivers must receive a title and registration when they become an Arizona resident with a valid state driver’s license. We can notarize the title for your vehicle at no charge.

Out-of-State Title and Registration

Before an out-of-state vehicle can receive an in-state title and registration, it needs to pass a Level 1 Inspection. A Level 1 Inspection identifies the vehicle ID number and ensures that number matches the vehicle ownership documents. Our auto license store can perform a Level 1 Inspection on-site or off-site if an appointment is made for a small fee. We can also notarize your new state title once the Level 1 Inspection has been completed.

Level 1 Inspection

Level 1 Inspections must be performed on all vehicles in the state of Arizona. The inspection is used to match the vehicle ID number to the vehicle ownership documents. Out-of-state vehicles must also complete a Level 1 Inspection before a state title is received. Level 1 Inspections can be performed by Cash & More for a small fee, on-site or off-site (by appointment only).

State Registration

Are you in need of an Arizona state registration? The qualified staff at Cash & More can ensure that you receive a proper state registration for your vehicle. Upon applying for a registration, Arizona also requires you to pay a vehicle license tax (VLT) that is assessed in the place of the personal property tax that is charged by other states. Our auto license company can assist you in paying your VLT.

Registration Renewal

Cash & More can also assist drivers with registration renewal for their vehicles. Drivers will have to renew their vehicle registrations as well as pay the vehicle license tax (VLT).

Insurance Verification

At Cash & More, we understand how important auto insurance is for any driver. We can check and verify that your vehicle has proper insurance. Our qualified employees can also provide you with competitive insurance quotes free of charge!

Competitive Insurance Coverage

Cash & More understands how important it is for you to maintain auto insurance at a price you can afford. Our friendly staff members are ready and willing to help you obtain affordable insurance coverage and keep you legal on the road.

SR-22 Financial Responsibility

If a driver in Arizona has been caught without insurance, he or she might receive a suspension for his or her driver’s license or registration. To re-obtain the license or registration, drivers have to file an SR-22 Financial Responsibility form with an insurance company. The driver will also have to keep the SR-22 with them for up to three years after the suspension. Our Arizona auto license company can help drivers receive their SR-22 Financial Responsibility form.

MVD Notification

If you have recently obtained auto insurance or have re-obtained your insurance after a suspension, Arizona Auto License Services can notify the MVD of this change.

Automobile License Plates

Cash & More can also assist those who are in need of new license plates. Customers can purchase license plates from us if they have expired plates or are new to the state of Arizona.

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